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Please, read our rules! Thanks! Every once in a while, we randomly change the theme here. Any admins are welcome to edit the theme but please don't touch the wordmark. news

Please also visit our French version of test admin wiki.

  • Welcome to the Test admin wiki! Click here to request rights. This wiki is for testing Administrator tools. Bureaucrats will review your requests and give you a response and, remember, Admins are not allowed to block people except for test blocks. It is a rule! (Read the rules also!)
  • You could also test rights on pages by creating a test page. Take a look at the model. Test pages are for the users that created them only. (It is an official rule of this Wiki) Please, add the Category:Test Pages to all Test Pages. If you don't want to create a Test Page, test rights on the Community Test Page. Do not protect that page.
  • Also, if you have nothing to do, create a page. Your page could be a user page, a page with a topic or anything else you'd like. We are trying to make pages on stuff like Harry Potter, Twilight etc. Please make pages on stuff like that! (We are trying to expand the Wiki.)
  • If you want to learn more about Wikia, we do lessons in the Help desk. Also, ask any questions there. We teach people things here!

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